Whether invoicing customers directly or taking card payments in-store, on the web or on Social Media, Mobipaid provides both a fully integrated platform and API toolkit that supports your payment needs.

Grow your business using recurring billing or any of our once-off payment options. Your customers can now pay using pre-saved cards in a secure wallet which is PIN protected.

Using an international payment gateway, Mobipaid is designed to maximise conversion at checkout while minimising fraud risk to your business. We get paid only when you do!




Take card payments without the hassle and cost of integrations.

The Dashboard enables you invoice customers using SMS and email, print QR codes for in-person sales and use the Virtual Terminal as a software-based POS.

Create a checkout for your website in minutes or set up your Social Media pages to initiate collections for good causes or crowd fund an idea.

Full reconciliations, payment reminders and confirmations are standard while all Dashboard functionality is available in Docs should you wish to create a personalised customer checkout experience to optimise conversion.



Developer Friendly

The Payment API is robust, scalable and intuitive to use. Integrate Mobipaid to your mobile app, website or CRM workflow to optimise sales conversions at Checkout.

Use the API sandbox to test characteristics of the production environment.




Security & Compliance

Goes to the heart of our solution. Every payment is fully PCI DSS Level 1 certified, meaning you will never come into contact with your clients’ card details as mandated by the card networks. A personalised payment page with your business name and bank logo gives your customers increased confidence, while the PIN protected customer wallet allows for added convenience and security.


One solution to cover all your payment needs


Payment Options

Optimising Conversion at Checkout

Security & Fraud Prevention

Reconciliation & Settlement